Monday, February 11, 2013

would you be my valentine?

Hello my lovelies !

So Valentine's day is ahead ,and i just thought that this heart printed blouse and vest dress with will suit great for a lovely V day look .
Please comment what you think about this look  
I hope you will have a great Valentine's day and you will have fun with your date ot your besties if you are forever alone like me .
Love , Eden ♥

black & wild

Hi  !

I had a lot of thinking what look to make for the spring , and i just thought that black&white with little color touches will be awsome . 
!hope you will too ! 
please comment what you think about this look , I really like to know that . 
Love , Eden ♥


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a pre-fall look

Well mixed print are a huge trend so I finnaly tried and I actually love the result. 
Its really importent that if u see this comment what do u think about it .

p.s. - look how cool is the collar i made ! if u like it tell me and i will make a DIY tutorial .
its more sparkeling in real .

please comment ! 
♥ Eden

Friday, September 14, 2012

hello world !

Hey ! 
Im Eden and welcome to my blog .
Im a real fashion addict and I also make jewelrys .
This is a DIY and fashion blog , so here is My first diy project for you - hope u like it ! 
Ohh - and if u like it please comment below . 

DIY project #1 : pearls bracelet

supplies :
-old pearl necklace or pearls threaded on a string .
-sewing thread .
-wide bracelet .
-glue .

let's start !
1.attach your thread to the inside of the bracelet with some glue . after it's dry ,wrap the bracelet with the thread .
 2.keep wrapping the bracelet until its full. take the threaded pearls and attach to the bracelet by wrapping between the pearls .

3.glue the end of the thread to the inside of the bracelet and cut the leftovers . let it dry and wear it with a smile !

So I really hope u like it , and comment your opinion below . if something wasn't understood , let me know .
XO , Eden 

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